iVue was founded by a group of passionate individuals from the worlds of business, Marketing, and technology. We are passionate about using technology to create digital experiences that leave an impression.
It is this lasting impression we receive, that gives a product its identity. It is in this moment of clarity that we find the motivation to make them better.
We take a lot of pride in the work we do; whether it's branding, design, or development and we’re going to create some amazing products!

Outside of the box there is always another perspective,
which lifts your mood and opens your heart and mind.
Between experience and imagination.

Between technology and intuition.
With the desire to listen and invent.




We build awesome
personal gadgets
that make our daily
lives better!


Innovation can come from anyone, anywhere. Fueled by creativity, connectivity and collaboration, new ways of thinking are shaping the future and all it takes is a bit of imagination and it all comes down to is how you look at things. We call that, iVue.

Connecting brings a bigger world together.

We are inspired by extraordinary technology. We are dreaming up for anything that makes our daily lives better.

Our goal is to provide our customers with products that are exquisitely designed with unlimited functions, simplicity and ease of use. The simplest ideas are the best and we're always on the look out for more ideas and innovations outside the imaginable.


Project 1 |

We invented Tago to to make people’s lives easier. To keep people from losing the things they misplace often...• Keys • Remote controls • Spectacles...and the things they'd be lost without...

• Children • Pets • Wallets 
• Purses • Bags • Laptops 
• Tablets • Bikes • Suitcases
And above all give them back the time they otherwise would spend searching for lost stuff.
We setout to create a simple way to keep track of items using a smartphone.
• Small enough to use anywhere! Tagos attach unobtrusively to anything: from your keys, to your pets, to everything you care about.
• Two-way separation alert warns whenyou leave your phone or other items behind.
• Audible signal guides you in to items you've lost.
• Tago App's radar distance indicator tells you when you're getting closer to what you’re looking for.
• Homing device brings you safely back to where you parked your car...or pitched your tent... or left your boat, or...
• The Tago App provides GPS updates on your missing item's location using Community Find, a crowd source tracking technology.
• Perfect selfies guaranteed! Tago worksas a Wireless Bluetooth Remote Shutter Control for your Smartphone camera.
There are an endless number of features that will be added to Tago  in the future that a user can select from the App and control from the Tago button such as:

Control Music; Snooze Alarm; Launch a Mobile App; Sound an Alarm; Book a Taxi; Turn on the lights; Share GPS position; Send an SMS; Call Someone; Video, record voice

We are very excited about the upcoming launch of Tago and hope that you will too and look forward to welcoming you to the Tago community.


Project 2 |

Our Congress Wireless Speaker System will soon challenge the status quo.

A multi room wireless system that would allow the streaming of an infinite selection of music from any Smartphone or tablet. Portable, rechargeable with an incredible digital acoustic big sound performance. Slated for late 2015.

Project 3 |

Meet WattzUp. A self contained solar charger that's about the footprint of an iPhone 6 and self contained and capable of charging just about any personal device.

Measuring 72 X 122 X 22 mm, the charger can power up two Smartphones and a tablet simultaneously.

No need to worry about cables or compatibility. The charger sports every connection imaginable for just about any device.

WattzUp can also be charged via USB connection that plugs into your laptop computer or into a USB A/C wall socket.

Should a cable be required, the device contains a cable neatly stowed in a closed compartment at the bottom of the charger.

WattzUp would look great on your desk without the clutter of cables, can be always ready to provide that needed charge anywhere, in the car, camping or anywhere away wherea charge station is hard to find.

Project 4 |

Introducing Spotz, a stylish and cool watch that would allow parents to locate their kids using a free phone, tablet App. The technology planned for this device will slash the monthly cost by 70%. Kids will love the style and colours; Parents will love the safety and peace of mind!

Using assisted GPS, WIFI routers public coordinates and cell triangulation, Spotz would track a location within 8-meter accuracy.

At iVue, we see things differently. And we’re always working on something interesting that started after an "A-ha!" moment!

It's hard to get through a day without someone here saying, 'Oh, wouldn't be cool if ...?' Or, 'I've got an idea for ...'